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In 1922, Kajo Shofu III established our company in Kyoto, Japan, to produce high-quality porcelain teeth for the Japanese market. This was the starting point of the success story of SHOFU – a global, innovative dental manufacturer with an extensive range of products for dentists and dental technicians and subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, the UK,...


The South Tyrolean company Zirkonzahn was founded in 2003 by a dental technician and inventor Enrico Steger. Zirkonzahn producing equipment, materials and other accessories for the dental technician. Its products include the Zirkograph, sintering furnaces, the CAD / CAM System 5-TEC, dental materials, cutters, buttons, Modellierzubehör and editing...

Implant Direct

Implant Direct, one of the fastest growing major dental implant companies, offers a broad range of surgical, prosthetic and regenerative solutions. Founded by implantology pioneer Dr. Gerald Niznick and a member of the KaVo Kerr Group, Implant Direct continues a rich tradition of innovation. The company provides high-quality products with simplified...

Dynamic Abutment Solutions

DYNAMIC ABUTMENT® SOLUTIONS is the brand that encompasses all the products designed by the R&D center of Talladium España to provide solutions that resolve the problems of incorrect positioning of implants improving the aesthetics and function of the prosthesis. For over ten years ago with the launch of Dynamic Abutment®, which has been successfully...


DETAX DENTAL Since 60 years, we have been developing silicones and light-curing acrylics for dental and other medical applications. The polymer chemistry of material science is our universe, think tank and core competence. Due to the unique physical properties, the possible applications for our materials are virtually unlimited. Our enthusiasm for polymer...


Mectron has been active and successful in the dental field since 1979, developing and producing top-quality devices. The company has always stood out on the market for its continuous process of development and innovation and the excellent design of its products. Thanks to these qualities and to a sales network covering over eighty countries, mectron has...


We are a dynamic, innovative and leading international company with high quality standards in the manufacture of equipment for the dental and medical technology with headquarters in Goldach on Lake Constance. With the objective of trading and manufacturing motors for industry and for apparatus construction, Beda Hutter founded the one-man company Nouvag B....


Since 1978, Zubler has tailored an advanced line of equipment and materials for the international dental laboratory market. As the result of individual attentiveness and service to the industry, Zubler remains a premier producer of high quality products designed to evolve with the rapidly changing dental laboratory industry. Zubler also remains committed to...

Yeti Dental

Yeti Dentalprodukte GmbH was founded by Thomas Biskupski in 1988. Since that time we develop, produce and sell our products over distributors in more than 50 countries. Our company headquaters and distribution center situated in Engen not far from lake of Constance. Our goal: "only the best quality for our customers" Our policy: quality "made in...

Diplomat Dental

With more than 60 years of experience in dental manufacturing DIPLOMAT has a solid reputation of the top manufacturer and an established business philosophy, where customer‘s satisfaction is viewed as a grounding principle. DIPLOMAT product portfolio includes dental units, stools, and lights. All its products excel in quality, ergonomics and...


Sirio Dental is a company which has been manufacturing dental technicians equipment since 1983. The company has a long history as the supplier of major commercial groups and has designed and produced equipment meeting a positive opinion and satisfaction from users around the world. “SIRIO” has been on the market with its own logo for over 15...

ER Metal

Our company was founded in 1978 by General Manager Mehmet KARA. Er Metal the leader Dental Furniture company in Türkiye, always in search of new technologies and innovations for complete satisfaction of our precious customers. Responding to all individual needs of laboratories and clinics with experienced staff, we are exporting our products more than...


SAEYANG MICROTECH Co., highly specializes in the research & development of micro motor handpiece with its state-of-art technologies that have been accumulated for over 38 years since its foundation in 1976. SAEYANG has been consistently pursuing technological innovation and investing in the research & development to create the masterpiece. Today, the...

MGF Compressors

MGF, founded by its actual administrator Mr. Gabriele Fiani, was born in 1977 as a company specialized in compressed air applications, in 1986 reached its actual statute. mgf is actually a dynamic and growing society that reached in the years a constant 20% development rate. mgf production is basically shared in dental/medical, silent professional and...


Tecnodent S.A. was founded in 1977. Since then, works in the development and manufacture of high quality equipments for dental laboratories and care of their trade all around the country and the world. Thirty years ago we decided to introduce our self to the dental market with the aim of offering to our customers, products of guaranteed quality and a...


Shenpaz Dental quickly becoming industry leaders in dental furnaces There are many factors to consider when designing laboratory furnaces, such as temperature ramp, repeatability, temperature uniformity and aesthetics—just to mention a few. Through years of cooperating with customers on their unique heating requirements, Shenpaz Dental Ltd. has...

Smile Line

A superior quality, a unique style, an exclusive feel… there are plenty of reasons to purchase an object from Smile Line. Still, these three arguments don’t explain by themselves the growing success of the brand. At the beginning of any project, there is a necessary quality that is owned by every human being: the sense of possible – in...


Company Waldmann – Engineer of Light The Waldmann brand stands for innovative lighting solutions. The medium-sized, family-run company was founded in 1928 in Villingen-Schwenningen and is today run in the third generation as Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG by owner Gerhard Waldmann. The company develops and manufactures high quality luminaires for...


Stoddard Manufacturing Company specialise in the manufacture of dental rotary instruments, which are used by dentists and dental hygienists in preventative dentistry and by dental laboratory technicians. These products are exported throughout the world to over 110 countries. All products manufactured by us are sold worldwide under the trade names of...