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MaterialsComposites (63)GlasIonomer (13)Adhesive systems (9)Cements (11)Paste for prophylaxis and polishing (5)Silicone impression material (11)Silicone bite registration materials (4)Materials for temporary restoration (7)Materials for prevention / recovery (2)Liquids / solutions (1)Soft relining (3)Sealants (1)Prophylaxis (5)Light-Cured Composites (38)
InstrumentsIntrusive stone (45)Polishers - erasers, tape, grinders, polishing (26)Polishing system (3)Carbide burs (3)Diamonds (5)Boxes for sterilization borer (1)Diagnostic (61)Restoration (104)Periodontics (95)Endodontics (24)Extraction (178)Periodontal SurgeryHard and Soft Tissue Surgery (10)Prosthodontics & Orthodontics (37)Practice Organization/GPM (9)Crowns & Bridges Removal (2)Post Removal (1)
AccessoriesGun mixing cartridge (3)Cannula mixing (9)Substrate mixing (1)Spatula for mixing (1)Adhesive for silicone (1)Dental unitsHEKA UnicHEKA Unic LineDIPLOMAT Dental Units (4)Dental furnitureClinic cabinets (25)Mobile cabinets (4)Accessories (5)
Dental DevicesImplantology Motor System (8)Handpieces (5)LED curing (12)Ultrasound (3)Piezosurgery (4)Airpolishing (2)Dental camera (1)Oral irrigator (1)Compressors (5)Micromotors (1)Endo Motor System (2)Ultrasound devicesBone grafting material (24)Accessories (1)Education models and gifts (11)

System for all ceramic crownManual Systems - copying milling machines (3)CAD / CAM milling units (6)Scanner S600 Arti (2)CAD/CAM Software (13)Face Hunter (1)Titanium spectral-colouring Anodizer (1)Implant systemSintering Furnaces (4)PlaneSystem (4)Compressors for CAD / CAM systems (5)Supplies and EquipmentZirconia blank (50)Composite blank (47)Metal blank (17)Wax blank (34)Burnout (4)Milling burs (43)Keys (27)Colour Liquid (146)Malfarbe (39)Tools for processing and polishing (43)Light-cured composite (6)Aesthetic compositeLamps (2)Additional materials and equipment Zirkograph (25)
EquipmentMicromotors (8)Sucction Systems (1)Motor-driven centrifuge (2)Photopolymerizator (1)Surveyor (1)Steamcleaner (3)Ceramic Furnace (6)Sandblasters (5)Drill Plaster Machine (1)Hydraulic Press (1)Model Trimmer (2)Vacuum mixers (2)Vibrators (3)Compressors (5)Digital Wax melter (1)Turbines (3)Lamps (2)Wax knive (1)Complete torch (1)Melting Machine (3)Cylinder Furnaces (3)Cleaner (1)Bunsen (1)Center Grinder (1)3D printer (7)Vacuum Forming Machine (1)Sealing Machine (1)Ultrasonic Machine (1)Water Destiller (1)ArticulatorsAdditional Equipment
MaterialsMaterials for relining (4)Ceramic metal (115)Ceramics for zirkon (23)Modelling liquids (6)Materials for composite veneers (38)Stains (10)Waxes (18)Metal (1)Investment (4)Sand (3)Funding for insulation (6)Silicone materials (9)Materials for doubling (2)Polishes (4)Gingival / implant mask (4)Light curing polymers (3)Vintage LD Porcelain (3)Vintage LD Press (2)Materials for making dental models
InstrumentsAbrasive stone for ceramic processing (25)Abrasive stone for metal (3)Abrasive stones for zirconia (2)Polishers for acrylic (6)Polishers for porcelainPolishers for metal (10)Carbides (10)Sinta Disk (1)Knives for Plaster (1)MandrelsBrushes (9)Shade Guide (1)Accessories (1)FurnitureWorkplace (12)Cabinets (25)Stool for dental technician (1)LuminairesMagnifiers (3)Lamps (3)

Dental ImplantsLegacy 3 Implant (35)RePlant Implant (16)SwissPlant Implant (26)GoDirect Indirect Implant (16)
Prosthetic componentsAbutment suprastructures (41)Analogs (9)Healing Collar (18)
AparatiImplantology Motor System (8)Handpieces (1)Ultrasonic apparatus for dental surgery (4)

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Composites, glasionomer, Adhesive systems, Cements, Paste for prophylaxis and polishing

Dental Devices

Implantology Motor System, Handpieces, LED curing, Ultrasound...

System for all ceramic crown

Manual Systems - copying milling machines, CAD / CAM milling units, Scanner S600 Arti...


Materials for relining, Ceramic metal, Ceramics for zirkon, Ceramics, Modelling liquids, Materials for composite veneers...


Workplace, Einzelmöbel...


Workplace, Einzelmöbel...



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